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2015 New Farmer's Almanac

The concept of an almanac is at once as archaic as it is modern and as beautiful as it is useful. Our young farmers almanac strives to capture a majesty as time-tested and universal as the turning of the seasons at a time of tumult when seasons themselves perhaps may cease to be. An object of worth and a reference tome, an ancient system as precious as an heirloom, this almanac is something to pass down, and, like the best kinds of knowledge, it makes a great gift. Proceeds go directly to fund the Greenhorn's mission of promoting, recruiting, and supporting young farmers in America. Want to know more? Read about the germination of this gorgeous artifact and the tribe of contributors who nurtured it into being here.Sliding Scale Greenhorns 2015 Almanac Pricing:

$20 for Farmers and Students

$30 for Regular Folk

$50 for Supporters

$100 for Sweet Angels


Shipping & Handling

To pre-order the 2015 almanac, email office@thegreenhorns.net with subject line: ALMANAC ORDER. Please include your name, mailing address and quantity of almanacs desired. 


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(Also for sale for $20)


Questions about the Almanac email office@thegreenhorns.net.