The 2013 New Farmer’s Almanac is ready for the future.


“A lot has changed for American agriculture since Ben Franklin wrote his (almanac), and we wonder how much will change yet. With this almanac, we assert our voices as new agrarians. No matter what the weather holds, we seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and farming is the way to get there” says editor-in-chief, Severine von Tscharner Fleming


The 2013 New Farmers Almanac is a publication with its eye fixed sharply on the future of America — How will we reclaim a landscape dominated by monoculture? How will we accommodate the upcoming population megaflux? How will our nation change now that the majority of citizens live urban lives?

Our Almanac is filled with essays and illustrations of agrarian advice, technical and philosophical, contemporary and historical. Brimming with ambition, the 120 contributors have created a rich, cooperative and highly various fabric of ideas, sure to entertain for hours on end, or a few minutes a day.  The Almanac reflects the rich tradition of diversity, innovation, reform and highly principled American agriculture; though corn and soybeans today dominate our prime acreage and distort farm politics and economics. We’ve compiled a collection that stretches back earlier and further forward – bridging the work already done, and the work yet to implement a truly sustainable agriculture. All readers, both farmers and non-farmers, will be invigorated by the contents, inspired by the powerful testimony of history and amused by the cheekiness of the games and songs.


“It is the greatest of compendia, the nicest form of anthology, the perfect medium for information-sharing and the propagation of ideas that need to live for a year, two, or more. Naturally it is also a pleasure to see library material popping up from page to page.”
—Rick Prelinger, founder of Prelinger Library, San Francisco, CA
“A wonderful, lively, full, varied, and delightful piece of work.”
—Malcolm Margolin, of Heyday Books in Berkeley, CA
“This book is at once radical and traditionalist, a generous handful of dispatches from the DIY movement that aims to fix our broken food system and relocate the center of innovation and idea-making from city to country. Ben Franklin would love this book.”
—Cory Doctorow, on Boing Boing


An Experiment in Old Time Publishing: Our Almanac, first of a series stretching indefinitely ahead, is available through our friends at AK Press.  In addition it will be distributed via farmers conferences, feed stores, independent bookshops and online. Its word-of-mouth status and dinner table topicness will make it an experiment in old-time information sharing.

The Almanac will also be distributed via wind power along the Hudson River from Lake Champlain all the way to Manhattan in September 2013 thanks to a partnership with the Vermont Freight Sail Project!

The 2013 Audio Almanac

The book’s online companion is the 2013 Greenhorns Audio Almanac. Readers of the book can listen and browse through worksongs, policy podcasts, farmer music mixes, and tons of other free audio all year long at The Audio Almanac is beautifully suited for those moments in the car, when a young farmer is actually sitting and his or her mind most available. 



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A Project of The Greenhorns: The Greenhorns mission is to promote, recruit and support the growing movement of new and sustainable farmers in this country.  The average age of the American farmer is 58.  It’s not politically correct to call that “old”, but certainly we have a demographic crisis going on in rural America, and one that requires many new brains, bodies and businesses — ambitious ones too!  We need about 100,000 – 600,000 more farmers within the decade, and reviving the tradition of cultural magazines for farmers is the contribution we’d lit upon this year.  That the boldness of our forefathers should embolden us now. The Almanac is a rung on the ladder, a notch on our fence.

The Greenhorns has also produced a documentary film, a popular radio show, a book of essays— Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement, and hundreds of events for farmers including a Seed CircusFarm Hack, young farmer’s mixers and various workshops around the nation.  

Check out a sneak peek of some spreads below:
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Here’s an inspirational and informative video from Publication Studio.