The Mission of Maine Sail Freight, is to support the revival of working sail along Maine’ coast and waterways.  This mission can help to build the inter-sectoral relationships that it takes to coordinate coastal food distribution, create a lasting memory for all who witness the boats about the possibility.  Following the success of the Vermont Sail Project, which sold $56,000 in regional food products on its maiden voyage, we want to move meaningful cargo to delighted eaters, and explicit in the value-chain




We are actively seeking partnerships at this time, with all adjacent stakeholders needed to pull off the various parts of the project.


1. Design Charrette phase — Promotion, coordination


2. Cargo logistics platform  — Web-program, design, outreach, database work


3. Actual boat operations and sales — Support team for the autonomous sail captains who take this on.

Make sure eaters hear the full story.

That means we're looking to connect with you: land people, boat people, dock people, salt-water farms with harbors, that means museums who care about the history of sail freight, and people who care about the future of Maine's image. We need a coast guard liaison. We need a foundation (or two) that wants to provide general support to pay for coordination, promotion, networking and soft costs. We would love the gift of a bounty, for the winning boat. In the docking towns, we need the names of grocers and farm markets, restaurants, buyers clubs-preferably those that are walking distance from the harbor/ dock.



Penobscot Marine Museum
Crown of Maine Cooperative
Maine Farmland Trust
Halcyon Grange, Blue Hill, ME
If your organization is interested to take part in the collaborative -- by hosting a dinner, running a workshop for students, contributing an exhibit, facilitating orders, running programing/ workshops, building boats etc. —  for partnership inquiries stay tuned! More information coming soon!

Maine Sail Freight Boat Charrette June 2015:

In June 2015 we will host at community platform for Sail Freighters with the 5 best boat presentations.
A highly qualified jury will select the winning proposal which will get a prize, everyone else will also get the prize of showing off their idea and meeting other people who may join their team as sailor,
Meanwhile, we create a digital cargo-logistics platform, based on the Feral Trade network, and aggregate in an open-source manner all the information about coastal and riparian buyers and coastal and riparian and inland sellers of Maine produce.
invited to the event:
Community organizers
Cultural spectators





June 22, 2013
Maine Sail Freight
A Grange-hosted potluck dinner and community brainstorming  about making Sail Freight happen in Maine
A partnership between local farmers, local sailors, Greenhorns (a national young farmer network), Penobscot Marine Museum and others

water color by Ginny Maki